Planning A Clothing Swap!

Shopping for new clothes can be expensive.  And, unfortunately, many people do not have the budget for such spending.  With disposable income decreasing, and fashion demands rising, how can you keep up?  Consider a clothing swap.  This swap can benefit you and your friends.  It is simple and fun.


The Basics


A good clothing swap is well planned and organized.  Begin by creating a list of guests to attend.  Once you have a guest list, determine a time and location for the clothing swap.  Include all of this information on an invite.  This invite can be sent in the mail or digitally.  Use an evite or a facebook invite to inform your friends.  Create an open invitation with these tools.  This will help you attract more guests. 


Clothing Requirements


Part of the invitation needs to specify requirements for the specific clothing required.  Most clothing swaps include all types of clothing – even shirts that are funny.  However, you do not want clothes that are in poor condition.  These clothes don’t have to be perfect.  However, they need to be good enough to wear.  Tell people to clean out their closets.  Bring all of the clothes in good condition for swapping.   They can toss those that aren’t in good shape and trade the ones that are. 


Trading Specifications


Finally, make sure to specify who can trade.  Are clothes to trade a requirement to attend?  If this swap is simply an effort to get rid of clothing, then keeping the guest list open will be good.  However, if you want a lot of clothes for trading, you should require a few pieces of clothes to enter the party.  Also, make sure that you determine how the trading will work.  Consider a white elephant approach.  Or, give people priority numbers based on the amount of clothes they brought.  Those will the lowest numbers can trade first.  In addition, determine if you are going to set a limit on pieces exchanged.  For example, if someone only brings one item of clothing, will they be allowed to take home four pieces? 


All of these rules are up to you.  And at the end of the day, they will help you swap run smoothly.


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