Internet Gaming and You

Gaming online is one of the more popular businesses in the recent past. Almost everybody everywhere has played at the very least a single video game. Everquest 2, World of Warcraft, CoH, Diablo 2, The Sims Online, and so many more have brought people together in rather large numbers to kill off enemies, fight head to head with monesters, villains, demons, and a whole lot more. if you have the ability to imagine it, there is probably a game for it as well.

This interest in online video gaming has made a number of companies very successful. Even in economies that are poor, they tend to do better off than most other industries. Running a successful online game depends on a long term loyalty and a very strong subscription base that justifies its existence. The Sims Online ran for a good while quite successfully, but entered a recession upon losing its subscription base to other online games like Second Life, and World of Warcraft. Competition is fierce and each company fights hard to win your dollars, with promises of an ultimate online experience.

Online MMOs are not just limited to Computers. X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 have jumped on the online bandwagon offering us the ability to blow up lifelike tanks and slay giant monsters. Sometimes a game will give you the ability to find who is the better gamer by having them fight against one another. Just as if we were the Highlander, we walk is with the belief, that there is only one, will it be us?

Sometimes a MMOs takes out the aspect of the game leaving us with only a social network in a world we can create and shape ourselves as we see fit. Second Life lets users join for free, and build whatever you want, and allows you to give anything in the game your own meaning. You are able to interact with others to create the largest network in the world.

For good or bad, Online games are here to stay. Whether we are dragon slayers, or just a casual social butterfly, MMOs give us a good way to reach out and see our imaginations come alive and share our active imagination with others in, in our self created online worlds.

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